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Engineers of a Bosch startup

The founding of Thingylabs GmbH is closely linked to the inception of the PANTARIS project by the Bosch group.

David Reess, then a working student with impressive performance, was asked if he could assemble a developer team for a Bosch in-house startup. This marked the beginning of the PANTARIS project, which focused on cloud-based automotive software development and deployment.

The project for which we handled the technical planning, implementation and deployment evolved from an initial prototype into a full-scale production system, with the team growing from 6 to over 100 members.

Since then more than 7 years have passed, our team grew and we took on additional challenges.

Area of expertise
Software development

Leveraging TypeScript, Node.js, React, and Kubernetes, we craft software and cloud solutions enhanced by DevOps and CI/CD.

API Design

Specializing in RESTful and GraphQL APIs for effective data exchange and system integration, promoting interoperability and flexibility.

Cloud & Container Management

Experts in Kubernetes and microservices for scalable solutions on AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and Hetzner, ensuring secure, flexible and cost efficient cloud environments.

DevOps & CI/CD

We optimize processes through CI/CD, enhancing software delivery and reliability with a seamless DevOps integration.